Please be patient... it's worth it!

"Consistency in an ever-changing World."

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"Consistency in an ever-changing World."

In these times of uncertainty, rest assured one thing remains resolute.....Our Commitment to you to provide the most comprehensive resource available for Custom and Cruiser Bicycle Parts in the Industry.  


Unfortunately like many others worldwide, we have been forced to modify our business practices to combat the COVID-19 global pandemic.  That being said, our Showroom is currently closed to the public; and will remain so until which time we can guarantee the health of both ourselves and the customers choosing to visit us in-person.  To our Customers with builds in-process, please bear with us.  Your patience in progress and completion is of the utmost importance during these trying times as we would NEVER want to sacrifice the details or quality or your creation--we hope that you understand and are familiar with how we operate to ensure 100% of this statement holds true.


Each Build is Important.


Each Customer is Important.


Your Business is Important.


Nothing here has changed.....though it appears every day something else does in the world around us.  


Coming back to Sutter Street Cruisers should be just like riding a bike-you put one foot forward and continue to push until you reach the destination you desire.  


We hope you stay Safe and Healthy during these trying times, and find your way back to us when all is said and done.  Thank you for your continued support, now and always.

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Style  /stil/  a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

Whatever your definition of "Style" is, there are a few things we can all agree on....We all know what We DO and DON'T like.


Purchasing a Bicycle is a BIG decision!!!


But there's no reason that Bike can't blend the best of form and function, be reasonably priced and reflect your individuality as a rider....all at the same time.


We offer an eclectic mix of BMX, Beach Cruiser, and Custom Bicycles all built to your unique specifications; and are located in the Heart of Old Town Folsom.  And if you already have a bike (or bikes) be sure to cruise through our online store and peep the Parts and Accessories at your disposal.  


Regardless of whether or not We earn your business, We are here to help.  


We don't just build Bicycles....We build Relationships.