Highlight of the month!


Regardless of your stance on COVID, The Country, or California (among other things) once thing is for certain.....The Bicycle Boom experienced over the past 12 months shows no signs of slowing as pedal-power is more important that ever to Americans the nation over.  It doesn't matter if you're talking about 2, 3, or more wheels; traditional pedal, gas, or electric.....Mountain, Road, Cruiser or Custom; whether you're in a club or have matching spandex with 14 others---BIKES ARE BACK BABY!!


Though we are all desiring to get back to as "normal" a lifestyle as can be, unfortunately bicycle-related events aren't keeping up with the rest of us.  Permit allowances are slim-to-none, and though the State looks to reopen fully by 06/15, it doesn't look promising for annual shows we have come to know and love such as "Sacramento CycleFest" (Sacramento, CA. June) and "Shiny Side Up" (San Jose, CA. July).  Smaller rides and events called "Pop-up Shows" have taken over recently, still allowing us to get together and enjoy each other's company, bikes, and the ride without the headaches and potential government-intervention associated with the larger, more orchestrated events.  Warren Wong, Tim Riley, and others within the industry can be accredited with organizing some of these alternative get-togethers as we travel from town-to-town to share what we love about Bicycles and the Culture we have worked to cultivate.


The next of these events will occur in Reno the weekend of 05/21; an event titled "Reno Rock-A-Pedal" and you can guarantee S.S.C will be in the house with our newly-released T-shirts and a couple new rides!  See the attached flyer and free up your schedule to meet up in the "Biggest Little City in the World" and come ride with your Bicycle Brethren as we push off to a great start to the Summer.


We encourage you to say what's up, regardless if we're at a get-together or in-store here in person.  We are open Wednesday to Saturday from 12-5 and Sundays by appointments only and love putting faces with names.  Make a day of it and come say "hey" right here in the Heart of Old Town Folsom.


We are here to build relationships and not just bicycles and hope to see you soon!

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Style  /stil/  a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

Whatever your definition of "Style" is, there are a few things we can all agree on....We all know what We DO and DON'T like.


Purchasing a Bicycle is a BIG decision!!!


But there's no reason that Bike can't blend the best of form and function, be reasonably priced and reflect your individuality as a rider....all at the same time.


We offer an eclectic mix of BMX, Beach Cruiser, and Custom Bicycles all built to your unique specifications; and are located in the Heart of Old Town Folsom.  And if you already have a bike (or bikes) be sure to cruise through our online store and peep the Parts and Accessories at your disposal.  


Regardless of whether or not We earn your business, We are here to help.  


We don't just build Bicycles....We build Relationships.


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