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A heart felt message from Sutter Street Cruisers

The funny thing about life is that you really need to learn how to embrace the suck.


The most growth we have ever experienced as an individual has always come from pretty much the worst or most difficult times in our life.


Over the course of the last 9 years there have been plenty of ups and downs; anyone with Entrepreneur experience knows these trials and tribulations all too well.  But things we previously complained about , in reflection, we took for granted...and would take back in a heartbeat now if it meant we could once again have our store in the Heart of Old Town Folsom.


It's been a pleasure serving our local community, creating Relationships in addition to badass Bicycles.


Due to numerous factors, we have decided to shut down our Online Store, and have already liquidated our remaining inventory.  We will be finishing out a few remaining projects left over from our retail location, and will be slow-rolling off into the Sunset as Summer comes to an end, no longer seeking to create Customs or Cruisers.


Thank each and every one of you who ever stopped in, said hey, or chose to support by any means possible.  Whether we built you a bike or you barely bought a bell, it doesn't matter.  You're a part of this story as much as we are and for that, we are extremely grateful.


Please visit our Instagram page for our History (in photos) from Start to Finish; trips down Memory Lane are free and always bring smiles for miles.


Thank you again for all your support over the years.  


-Mark D.

Take a virtual tour down memory lane!!

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