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The Roach's Revival Wins Big at Reno-Rock-A-Pedal!!

If you look at a timeline in the Custom Bicycle Culture, Sutter Street Cruisers would be past the middle point in location.


In an Industry with more than 25 years of influence, we are a relative new-comer to things.  Though we would like to think our impact will be remembered as time goes on, we realize that some of you may have just discovered us, and have no idea about past builds which catapulted us into more prominent notoriety.  


"La CucaRacha"......Otherwise known as "The Roach", would be one such build.


Originally created in conjunction with a Buildoff in 2015 hosted by Huntington Beach Bicycle Company, Inc. (H.B.B.C.), The Roach debuted in Las Vegas at Interbike against the likes of the-then Pacific Coast Bicycles, MidTown Cruiser Shop, and The Cruiser Shop Campbell in an epic showdown of RUFF Cycles utilized products in combinations and creations never before seen to the public.


Fast-forward almost 7 years.  


After an in-store accident left the rear fender irrepairable, it was decided that The Roach required a much-needed makeover.  New fenders front and rear, modified struts, LED USB-rechargeable headlight and taillight, and a handlebar swap completed the aesthetic upgrades, with a Valve Stem and Shiftknob Set from NumNob rounding out the refreshers.  With the details being completed just in time for an annual event about to recur, we thought it only fitting to re-introduce The Roach to the masses at this year's Reno-Rock-A-Pedal.  We were taken aback at the attention it received!!  Even with the upgrades more recently completed, Crowds and Clubs alike found value and creativity in styling queues which make this one a Classic; providing it with "Best Paint" from The Show and "Mobster's Choice" from the Kruz3r Mob, much to our surprise.


Humbled by the accolades, it reinforces our desire to put faces with names and assist others in creating the best version of their Bicycles....and themselves in the process.


We hope you get a chance to check out the newly-renovated Roach and all the other creations coming out of Sutter Street Cruisers this summer and beyond!!


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Style  /stil/  a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

Whatever your definition of "Style" is, there are a few things we can all agree on....We all know what We DO and DON'T like.


Purchasing a Bicycle is a BIG decision!!!


But there's no reason that Bike can't blend the best of form and function, be reasonably priced and reflect your individuality as a rider....all at the same time.


We offer an eclectic mix of BMX, Beach Cruiser, and Custom Bicycles all built to your unique specifications; and are located in the Heart of Old Town Folsom.  And if you already have a bike (or bikes) be sure to cruise through our online store and peep the Parts and Accessories at your disposal.  


Regardless of whether or not We earn your business, We are here to help.  


We don't just build Bicycles....We build Relationships.


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